Digital TV

CDTV delivers a smart and scalable online video strategy for your company from small branded campaigns to full catalogue multi-channel management. Tailoring our services to your requirements we can help you revolutionise the way you deliver a digital video experience to your audience.

Covering all aspects of online video from IPTV, Video On Demand (VOD), TV Everywhere (TVE), Authenticated Video, LIVE Streaming and Social Media platforms, we can create a 360° service with you to include the recommendation and management of technology partners, syndication & distribution of your content, multi-channel management and social media strategy & maintenance.

How can we help?

  • Respecting best practices AND creating a stand-out content strategy
  • Ensuring rapid deployment of your digital content accelerating your ROI
  • Defining meaningful KPIs while refining your strategy and game plan
  • Leveraging our experience, resources and frameworks to support you
  • Executing/managing ongoing digital services and relationships on your behalf


With a marketplace full of technology providers we understand that committing to one over another can exhaust time and resources. With our up-to-date knowledge of online technology we can evaluate providers and recommend a technology strategy for you based on your company’s individual objectives, such as affordability, global reach & prevalence, product development and market features. We understand that all businesses are different and therefore need tailored or bespoke technologies to support them. Some of the areas we advise and manage include:

  • Player Technology
  • Hosting Platforms
  • Apps & Second Screen Engagement
  • Live Streaming
  • Ad Serving

Syndication & Distribution

Whether your content catalogue is already digitalised and ready for Internet streaming or still on cassette, we will manage the process of formatting and delivering the content to your desired platforms. Services include:

  • Formatting Content Files
  • Feed Management and Distribution (such as API or MRSS)
  • Multi-Platform Distribution
  • Meta-Data and Tagging

Multi-Channel Management

Depending on your company’s requirements and internal resources, we can provide as little or as much channel management as you require. Canis Media has a trusted history of delivering specialist and complex channel management services and this reaches both across our broadcast and digital divisions.

Whether your strategy requires advanced services such as paid content discovery, complex SEO and in-stream advertising serving, or more simple audience and data reporting – we can create a service package to suit your needs

Services include:

  • Content Monetisation
  • Ad Trafficking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Audience Reporting
  • Data Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Paid Content Discovery
  • SEO