Local TV Services

Canis Television & Media is the management company that operates the UK’s digital terrestrial television network for local Television. Retained by the local multiplex operator Comux, the team at Canis Television & Media provides all technical and management functions for the operation of the national Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Birmingham and oversees the operation of a transmission network across over 12 million UK homes.

During 2013, the team managed a multi-million budget to pay for the construction of a major playout and content management centre, as well as overseeing a national transmitter and antenna infrastructure build across the United Kingdom. The team delivered the project on time and to budget. The digital terrestrial team at Canis Television & Media has global experience in delivering television channel launches and proven technical expertise to help design and manage terrestrial broadcast infrastructure projects.

For more information about Comux visit www.comux.co.uk

Advice and Consultancy: Canis Television & Media’s local TV services provides a wide range of services for individuals and organisations seeking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the UK Governments new licensing framework for the launch of local TV stations. The team at Canis Television & Media has assisted some licensees to prepare their applications and also draft the original application for Comux, to secure the Ofcom multiplex operator licence.

Canis Television & Media has unique experience advising and managing single channel TV businesses in the UK. As an independent expert in this area, Canis Television & Media works with multiplex owners, capacity providers and channel operators to help generate maximum revenues.

Our local TV services team can guide you through every aspect of this unique new opportunity to help you secure your local TV licence by ensuring your submission updates, changes and addresses all the key application requirements and is probably the leading company in this specialised area.

This specialist service minimises risk and can help your application to be processed quickly. We can also review your business plan and financial forecasts to ensure your base assumptions are realistic and robust. We can help you create a commercial model from scratch and can even point you in the direction of relevant experts and regulated independent advisors to help with fund raising.